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The Tripartitum or "The Customary Law of the Renowned Kingdom of Hungary in Three Parts" (Latin: Tripartitum opus iuris consuetudinarii inclyti regni Hungariae) is a law book completed in 1514 by István Werbőczy on the corpus of the customary law of the medieval Kingdom of Hungary. The Tripartitum did not include the so-called written law (parliamentarian laws, royal decrees and statutes of free royal cities), which were always recorded in the law books after the decisions.

Front page of "Decretum tripartitum", the Croatian version of Hungarian original, printed in 1574 in Nedelišće, northern Croatia

Some important chapters from the three law books (Tripartitum) in original Latin and translated English versions are available here:

Croatian version of the book was published in 1574, the editor was Ivanuš Pergošić.

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