Triple Alliance (1668)

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The Triple Alliance of England, Sweden, and the United Provinces was formed in 1668 to support Spain against France.

In 1667, Louis XIV had invaded and conquered the Spanish Netherlands (modern Belgium) and the Franche-Comté in the War of Devolution. Louis had decided to invade these Spanish possessions on loose legal premises involving his marriage to the Spanish princess Maria Theresa. The Triple Alliance was formed in response to these incursons.

However, the alliance never had to engage in combat; the potential power of the Triple Alliance and Spain together was enough of a threat to force Louis to halt his offensive, and concede most of his gains. He signed the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle with Spain, returning the Spanish Netherlands and the Franche-Comté. However, he would pursue this territory again the during the Franco-Dutch War.

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