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Triple Canopy
FormatOnline magazine
Year founded2007
CountryUnited States
Based inNew York City

Triple Canopy is an online magazine, which was founded in New York City in 2007. Its digital issues feature non-genre-specific work by writers and artists that resist the atomization of culture and strive to enrich the public sphere. A nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, Triple Canopy also hosts numerous public programs in New York and elsewhere, including performances, readings and artist talks.[1] Triple Canopy is a member of Common Practice New York.[2]


Founded as an editorial collective in 2007, Triple Canopy consists of a staff of writers, artists, researchers, designers, and web developers based in New York, Los Angeles, and Berlin. The magazine is published exclusively on the internet but is designed and edited to foster a prolonged engagement with online content.[3] From its presentation of substantive material in a web-specific context, Triple Canopy has been referred to as "the sort of stuff people say is not happening on the internet." [4] The magazine takes a new media approach to publication, which recalls traditional print magazine aesthetics,[5] while paying tribute to experimental forms, such as the magazine-in-a-box Aspen, the audio cassette magazine Tellus, and avant-garde publications Avalanche and Blast.[6]

Triple Canopy is primarily based out of an office in Chinatown, Manhattan, but maintains an active presence in Berlin and Los Angeles. Its former Greenpoint space was shared with film & electronic art venue Light Industry[7] and open-source educational program The Public School New York.[8] In addition to serving as the base for Triple Canopy's editorial & production staff, the space is used to host performances, lectures, screenings, talks, and other public events.

In 2012, Triple Canopy published an anthology of the first four issues of the magazine, Invalid Format. Triple Canopy editor Colby Chamberlain discusses the magazine's past, present and future in an essay published in the winter 2011 issue of Art Journal, "The Binder and the Server."

Critical Response to Triple Canopy[edit]

In a review of David Graeber's essay from Issue 10, Book Forum praised the magazine for integrating the immersion of print with the immediacy of the internet.[9] The New York Times called Triple Canopy “a multitasking brain trust of a nonprofit that publishes an extremely smart Internet magazine”; last year, in a different article, the paper declared that Triple Canopy “broke the mold of traditional Web design; instead of scrolling down, readers page left and right, which gives the work a framed look.… Their concept of ‘slowing down the Internet’ has come to seem prescient.”[10] Triple Canopy's editors were interviewed by The New Yorker's Sasha Frere-Jones, who commented that "Triple Canopy may be a journal of high intellectual resolution, but it is also very easy to read on a computer screen."[11]

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