Triple Crown of Harness Racing for Trotters

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The Triple Crown of Harness Racing for Trotters consists of the following horse races:

Since its inauguration in 1955, there have been nine winners of the Trotting Triple Crown. They are:

Horse Year Driver Trainer Owner
1) Scott Frost 1955 Joe O'Brien Joe O'Brien S. A. Camp Farms (Sol Camp)
2) Speedy Scot 1963 Ralph N. Baldwin Ralph N. Baldwin Castleton Farm
3) Ayres 1964 John F. Simpson, Sr. John F. Simpson, Sr. Charlotte Sheppard
4) Nevele Pride 1968 Stanley Dancer Stanley Dancer Nevele Acres, Louis Resnick
5) Lindy's Pride 1969 Howard Beissinger Howard Beissinger Lindy Farm, Inc.
6) Super Bowl 1972 Stanley Dancer Stanley Dancer Rachel L. Dancer, Rose Hild Breeding Farm
7) Windsong's Legacy 2004 Trond Smedshammer Trond Smedshammer Ann Brannvoll, Ted Gewertz, Patricia Spinelli
8) Glidemaster 2006 John Campbell Blair Burgess Robert Burgess, Karin-Olsson Burgess, Marsha Cohen, Brittany Farms
9) Marion Marauder 2016 Scott Zeron Paula Wellwood Jean Wellwood, Devin Keeler


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