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The Vans Triple Crown of Surfing is a Hawaiian specialty series of professional surfing events that take place on the North Shore of Oahu - a coastline world famous in the surfing world for its powerful winter swells that the can reach 50 feet in height. The Triple Crown was Founded by Former World Champion (1968) Fred Hemmings who produced the Triple Crown events. The three unique venues each with its own set of challenges for the surfer. They are also the last three major events of the professional surfing season; the Pipeline Masters being the final event of the World Surf League Championship Tour.

The events are:

The Vans Triple Crown of Surfing is second only to the World Surf League's World Title in terms of prestige and difficulty. It is considered to be the ultimate test of a surfer's ability to master the large and consequential waves in surfing's most legendary arena, among the most talented field of competitors in the sport.

In addition to individual event champions, the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing crowns an overall champion each year. This goes to the surfer who has performed best across all three competitions.

Men's Triple Crown Champions[edit]

2019 Kelly Slater USA
2018 Jessé Mendes Brazil
2017 Griffin Colapinto USA
2016 John John Florence Hawaii
2015 Gabriel Medina Brazil
2014 Julian Wilson Australia
2013 John John Florence Hawaii
2012 Sebastian Zietz Hawaii
2011 John John Florence Hawaii
2010 Joel Parkinson Australia
2009 Joel Parkinson Australia
2008 Joel Parkinson Australia
2007 Bede Durbidge Australia
2006 Andy Irons Hawaii
2005 Andy Irons Hawaii
2004 Sunny Garcia Hawaii
2003 Andy Irons Hawaii
2002 Andy Irons Hawaii
2001 Myles Padaca Hawaii
2000 Sunny Garcia Hawaii
1999 Sunny Garcia Hawaii
1998 Kelly Slater USA
1997 Michael Rommelse Australia
1996 Kaipo Jaquias Hawaii
1995 Kelly Slater USA
1994 Sunny Garcia Hawaii
1993 Sunny Garcia Hawaii
1992 Sunny Garcia Hawaii
1991 Tom Carroll Australia
1990 Derek Ho Hawaii
1989 Gary Elkerton Australia
1988 Derek Ho Hawaii
1987 Gary Elkerton Australia
1986 Derek Ho Hawaii
1985 Michael Ho Hawaii
1984 Derek Ho Hawaii
1983 Michael Ho Hawaii


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