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Triple J Magazine is an Australian music magazine associated with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's youth radio station Triple J. It is independently owned and published for ABC Magazines by News Custom Publishing.[1]

History and profile[edit]

The magazine was started as a quarterly publication in 2005.[2] It was originally called J Mag, then jmag, and was rebranded in August 2010 to incorporate the Triple J logo and full name in its masthead after research indicated that greater association with the station's branding would appeal to non-reader listeners.[3] From 2007 the magazine was published monthly and then, bi-monthly.[2] The magazine was published on a bi-monthly basis until June/July 2013 issue when it began to be published annually.[2] At the same time the offices of the magazine was transferred from Melbourne to Sydney.[2]

It is the only place where Triple J programs for the forthcoming month are listed, apart from the station's own website. It features presenters, the Triple J Hottest 100, Unearthed profiles, as well as reviews for music, DVDs and TV such as Rage and other ABC TV programs including digital channel ABC3.


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