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Triple Nickel Course of Fire is a firearms course of fire created by Kelly Venden[1] and designed to measure a shooter's ability to perform on demand. The course's name comes from the fact that the shooter must engage five targets from five yards in five seconds. Three successful completions of this course of fire allows qualified shooters to become triple nickel coin holders. As of December 2018, there are only 268 verified triple nickel coin holders.[2]

Course rules[edit]


The shooter has the option to shoot at 5 Trans-Star II or 5 QIT targets. The shooter can use any standard issue firearm and any holster that the shooter would carry on, or off duty. The shooter must have a covering garment, such as a vest or jacket, that conceals the firearm and the magazine pouch. A PACT timer or facing targets holders are necessary in order to ensure that the course is completed within 5 seconds. Course must be shot from left to right on turning targets. Targets must have a minimum of 1.5 feet of space between them, and must be span at least 5 yards from the end to end (first to last target).

Scoreable Area[edit]

Scoreable area for the Trans-Star II target is inside the four ring or the outer bottle on the QIT target. Shots touching the line (Liners), either inside or outside of the scoreable area, count as a missed shot.


The shooters will stand at the 5 yard line facing the adversarial targets, with a cover garment as to not alert threats of the intentions of the shooter. At the tone or when targets face the shooter will draw and engage the first target with 2 rounds, then transition to each target engaging with 2 rounds. Shooter must conduct a reload after the 1st target and anytime before the 5th target.

Eligibility for award[edit]

While anyone authorized to carry a firearm legally may shoot this course on their own, a coin is awarded only to shooters who are gun carriers in law enforcement, or military training. In order to be awarded the Triple Nickel Coin, the shooter must successfully complete the course three times under the supervision of two Triple Nickel coin holders identified as administrators in accordance with the Triple Nickel regulations. These requirements must be met on the same day.


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