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Triple X Records was an LA-based record company started by three former employees of the bankrupt Greenworld Distribution: Dean Naleway, Peter Heur and Charlie Brown.

The label was known for "a fearlessly eclectic catalogue that broke away from not just the mainstream, but the equally rigid guidelines of punk rock as well," according to Phoenix New Times writer Anita Jackson.[1] The label's roster included such artists as Jane's Addiction, Psi Com, (Korn predecessors) L.A.P.D., Bo Diddley, D.I., the Adolescents, the Vandals, Social Distortion, Human Drama, Of Cabbages And Kings, Angry Samoans, Bad Manners, Mojo Nixon, Stephen Pearcy, Dr. Dre, Doggy Style, Spice 1, South Central Cartel, Slow Pain, Nino Brown, Gaza Strippers, Brownside and Mr. Shadow.

In 1987, Triple X released the debut album by Jane’s Addiction. The live recording was titled Jane's Addiction and included the acoustic song “Jane Says.” The release resulted in a bidding war among major labels that led to the band signing to Warner Bros.[2]

In 1996, Dr. Dre and Interscope Records sued Triple X Records to remove an album of early Dre material titled First Round Knock Out from the marketplace.[3]


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