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triple j tv (formerly jtv) is the name given to a series of Australian television programmes which started broadcast in July 2006 as a television spin-off of national radio broadcaster Triple J. They are broadcast on ABC1 and ABC2 as well as available online. As with Triple J, it focuses on youth-oriented (18–35) programming.

A "teaser" web page and advertisements were released on the ABC in early July. The full site at went live on 27 July 2006. jtv's first broadcast was on 28 July 2006, with the debut jtv live being broadcast the following night: a You Am I concert recorded at the Hyde Park Barracks in Sydney.

ABC TV's Rage music program has re-broadcast selected live concerts of triple j tv in each year since 2009, to make up for the lack of new release video clips available to the ABC at that time.


Current programmes include:

  • triple j tv presents live video (various times on ABC1 and ABC2) – live concert events, similar to Triple J's Live at the Wireless show.
  • Hack LiveTom Tilly Host live forums on some of the biggest issues for young people in Australia.

Former programmes include:

  • triple j tv with The Doctor (Monday night 9:05pm on ABC2 and late Friday night on ABC1) – Each week the Doctor is making a house call.
  • triple j tv (late Friday night on ABC1 and Monday night on ABC2), a look at triple j behind the scenes – including interviews, live performances and weekly Hack segment.
  • The Hack Half Hour (Monday night 8:30pm on ABC2), Steve Cannane talks about the issues that impact your life.
  • jtv (Friday night on ABC1) – a behind the scenes look at triple j, interviews, live performances, and weekly Hack segment.
  • jtv Saturday (Saturday morning on ABC1) – a music video show hosted by Rosie Beaton. This programme featured a countdown of the Top 20 Super Request tracks, as voted by Triple J listeners and jtv viewers.
  • jtv XL (Tuesday night on ABC2) – an alternate version of the previous Friday's edition of jtv, often with extended interviews.
  • jtv live (various times on ABC1 and ABC2) – live concert events, similar to Triple J's Live at the Wireless show.
  • The Urban Monkey with Murray FooteSam Simmons' new comedy project.

Hack Live Specials[edit]

  • "Australians On Drugs" (9:30pm Tuesday July 28) ABC2
  • "Australians On Porn" (9:30pm Monday December 8) ABC2
  • "Body Obsession" (9:30pm Tuesday March 15) ABC2

List of tracks to reach Number 1 on jtv Saturday[edit]


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