Triplet Falls

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Triplet Falls
20100102 Triplet Falls - Otway Ranges - Victoria - Australia.JPG
Triplet Falls in the Great Otway National Park
Location of the Triplet Falls in Victoria
Location of the Triplet Falls in Victoria
Location Great Otway National Park, Victoria, Australia
Coordinates 38°40′16″S 143°29′35″E / 38.67111°S 143.49306°E / -38.67111; 143.49306Coordinates: 38°40′16″S 143°29′35″E / 38.67111°S 143.49306°E / -38.67111; 143.49306[1]
Type Segmented
Number of drops numerous
Watercourse Young Creek

The Triplet Falls[2] are waterfalls located in the Great Otway National Park of Victoria, in eastern Australia. The falls are fed by the Young Creek and as the name suggests there are three falls that cascade over a lush rainforest to the floor of the valley. The three streams normally flow when there has been significant rain upstream, so it is not uncommon to see only one or two streams flowing.

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