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Triplex Safety Glass is a famous British brand of laminated glass, often seen on automotive windscreens. It makes toughened glass for automotive and aerospace markets.


The Triplex Safety Glass Company Ltd was founded by Kent-born Reginald Delpech (30 March 1881 - 29 May 1935) in 1912.[1][2] The company was established to build laminated windscreens in Britain, under French patents.

The company in existence today was founded (00242230) on 9 September 1929 when Pilkington and Triplex formed a joint company in St Helens.[3] Pilkington Automotive Ltd has also been known as Triplex Safety Glass Ltd.[4]

In the 1960s it bought its main competitor British Indestructo Glass, giving it a monopoly over the laminated glass industry in the United Kingdom.[citation needed]

In the 1980s, around 1000 people were working at the Triplex site in St Helens.[citation needed]


Managing Directors[edit]


  • Laminated windscreens


It is headquartered in Eccleston, St Helens, at a factory built in 1928. It has a main plant at Kings Norton in the West Midlands.


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