Trippin' On You

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"Trippin' On You"
Cahill cover.jpg
Single cover for "Trippin' On You"
Single by Cahill featuring Nikki Belle
B-side "Remixes"
Released April 7, 2008 (2008-04-07)
Format CD / 12" / Download
Recorded 2007
Playground Studios, Cheshire
Genre House
Length 2:49 (radio edit)
Label 3 Beat Blue, All Around The World
Songwriter(s) Oris Jay, Delsena Ramsey, R. Ramsey
Producer(s) Cahill

"Trippin' On You" is a song originally recorded and produced by Oris Jay in 2001, under the title of "Trippin". The song was made famous by Liverpool house producers Cahill, who released their cover of the Agent Sumo Body & Seoul remix as a single in 2008.

Oris Jay Version[edit]

The Oris Jay version of "Trippin' On You" was a 2-Step / Garage song called "Trippin" which came out in 2001. Vocals were sung by Delsena Ramsey, and the record was released as Oris Jay presents Delsena, in the UK on Gusto Records and in the USA on Groovilicious a year later. It charted at 42 on the UK Singles chart.


  • Trippin' (original mix)
  • Trippin' (Agent Sumo radio edit)
  • Trippin' (Agent Sumo's Body & Seoul mix)
  • Trippin' (Brother Brown club mix)
  • Trippin' (Brother Brown dub)
  • Trippin' (Darqwan remix)
  • Trippin' (2010 dub)
  • Trippin' (Brand Nu mix)

Cahill version[edit]

In 2007, house producers Cahill, from Liverpool, produced a cover of the song featuring Nikki Belle. The song appeared on Clubland 12 that year and promos were released soon after. The song gained popularity and a music video was made for the songs full single release in 2008. The song was adopted by WAGs Abbey Clancy, Alex Curran, Coleen McLoughlin and Elen Rives as their signature track.

Cahill track list[edit]

Australian digital download

  1. "Tripping On You" (radio edit) – 2:48
  2. "Tripping On You" (original mix) – 6:23
  3. "Tripping On You" (Wawa radio edit) – 2:36
  4. "Tripping On You" (Wawa mix) – 7:22
  5. "Tripping On You" (Wawa dub mix) – 6:19
  6. "Tripping On You" (Thomas Gold mix) – 7:48
  7. "Tripping On You" (Jesse Garcia vocal mix) – 5:57
  8. "Tripping On You" (Jesse Garcia instrumental mix) – 5:42
  9. "Tripping On You" (Anton Powers mix) – 7:17
  10. "Tripping On You" (Wideboys Bassline mix) – 5:13
  11. "Tripping On You" (Wideboys London mix) – 5:58
  12. "Tripping On You" (Wideboys London radio edit) – 3:00
  13. "Tripping On You" (Alex K Mix) – 5:07

Music video[edit]

Nikki Belle in the music video for Cahill – Trippin' On You

The music video for "Trippin' On You" was filmed at a location in Liverpool in February 2008, and it stars singer Nikki Belle at a house party and the morning after it, in what the video shows to be her apartment. The livelier parts of the song, such as the chorus, are played at the same time as the house party scenes, and the less lively parts are played during the morning after scenes.

In the scenes of the house party, Nikki's hair is an afro with cornrows in one side, and is wearing a blue outfit and make-up while she is partying with her friends. In the scenes that are the morning after, Nikki appears more normal and she is wearing a grey shirt. Her apartment is empty except for herself and one other man, who is in her bed.


Some of the official remixes are:

  • Radio edit – (2:48)
  • Original mix – (6:23)
  • Extended mix – (4:30)
  • Wawa remix – (5:18)
  • Wawa vocal mix – (7:22)
  • Wawa UK radio edit – (2:36)
  • Thomas Gold v Dave Ramone remix – (7:48)
  • Thomas Gold v Dave Ramone UK radio edit – (3:02)
  • Wideboys Bassline remix – (5:13)
  • Wideboys London remix – (5:58)
  • Wideboys London radio edit – (3:00)
  • Alex K's Ultimate NRG mix – (5:07)
  • Alex K v Wilz remix – (3:31)
  • Jesse Garcia vocal mix – (5:57)
  • Jesse Garcia instrumental mix – (5:43)
  • Anton Powers mix – (7:17)


Chart (2008) Peak
UK Singles Chart 25
Dutch Top 40 29


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