Tripping Forward

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Tripping Forward
Directed by Marcus Nash
Produced by J. Bolaji Akran
Bobby C. King
Lu Ugaz
Written by Chris Fogleman
Marcus Nash
Starring Chris Fogleman
William Gregory Lee
Amber Benson
Music by Danny Manor
H. Scott Salinas
Cinematography Patrick Michael Dolan
Edited by Mark Hosack
Joel Viertel
Island Gateway Films
Mania Films
Distributed by Panorama Entertainment
Release date
April 26, 2009 (2009-04-26)
(Palm Beach Film Fest.)
Running time
90 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $750,000

Tripping Forward is a 2009 comedy film starring Chris Fogleman and directed by Marcus Nash from a screenplay by Fogleman and Nash. It also stars William Gregory Lee and Amber Benson and features Ed Begley, Jr., Angela Kinsey and actress/model Sung Hi-Lee.


Ford Coleman (Chris Fogleman) is a young actor trying to start his career in Los Angeles. His friend Tripp (William Gregory Lee) has already given up making it in the music business, and now takes drugs and lives off of Ford. When Ford's money runs out, Tripp comes up with the idea of selling drugs to supermodels to make money, and Ford goes along so they won't be evicted, and he can keep taking acting classes from James Comey (Ed Begley, Jr.) with the girl of his dreams, Gwen (Amber Benson)


Production and release[edit]

Tripping Forward film was shot on a budget of roughly $750,000. It received its initial release at the Palm Beach International Film Festival on April 26, 2009 and was released on DVD on January 26, 2010.


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