Tripti Ensemble Crew

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Tripti Ensemble Crew
Origin England, United Kingdom
Genres Psychedelic
Years active 2004? - Present
Labels None
Website MySpace page for The Tripti Ensemble Crew
Members Rick Hind
Ajit N. Rao
Atul Rao
Mike Rosnick

The Tripti Ensemble Crew are an inter-dimensional, time-travelling puppet rock band from 'Parts (and times) Unknown' who appeared in 2 episodes of Radiohead Television and the subsequent DVD 'The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth of All Time' in 2004. They have since slipped into an unknown parallel universe. Their members were: MC Pi on vocals and time spanner; DJ Angel on turntables, guitars, harmonic generator, and nano-guitar; Chillbit on drums and pre-cussion; and Chances on bass, bubble organ, lumberhorn, and Tongos. Their manager, Sid Sparks -also known as 'Nige'- absconded with most of their earnings in 2003 and fled to the 1960s where he became Dr. Max Jacobsen and invested in Beatle puzzles, time spanners and vintage cameras. Two songs featured on Radiohead's THMGLMOAT DVD are called "When an Angel Tries to Sell You Something" and "Freak Juice".

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