Tripura Sundari Ammani

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Maharani Tripura Sundari Ammani was the second wife of Maharaja Jayachamaraja Wodeyar, the last ruling Maharaja of Mysore. She was the mother of Srikantha Datta Narasimharaja Wodeyar, who succeeded his father as head of the Wodeyar royal house of Mysore in 1974. Her marriage took place at the Royal Palace, Mysore on April 30, 1944. The Maharani died on 22 NOV 1982 at Mysore Palace.[1] [2]

With Maharaja Jaya Chamaraja Wadiyar

Maharani Tripura Sundari Ammani Avaru was the mother of five daughters and one son. They were:

  1. Princess Gayathri Devi, (1946–1974), who predeceased her father. ( not to be confuse with Rajmata Gayatri Devi of Jaipur.)
  2. Princess Meenakshi Devi, b.1951.
  3. Maharaja Sri Srikantha Datta Narasimharaja Wodeyar (1953-2013).
  4. Princess Kamakshi Devi, b.1954.
  5. Princess Indrakshi Devi, b.1956.
  6. Princess Vishalakshi Devi, b.1962.