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Coordinates: 6°10′06″S 106°47′21″E / 6.168471°S 106.789090°E / -6.168471; 106.789090

Trisakti University students clashing with police forces during the Indonesian riots of May 1998.

Trisakti Museum or May 12 Tragedy Museum is a human rights museum in Jakarta, Indonesia. The museum documents the active role of Indonesian students at Trisakti University in fighting for democracy and human rights.[1]

The museum briefly tells about four students who were shot on May 12, 1998.[2] In the museum there are short articles, a collection of news from newspapers, ornaments, demonstration photographs, photographs of the deceased, and their relics.[2]


Trisakti Museum was established with the background of the Indonesian university student movement in 1998, when the students across Indonesia rallied to demand reform.[3]

The students at Trisakti University, as a part of the students in Indonesia as a whole, participated in a peaceful protest movement.[3] The movement reach its peak when four students at Trisakti University were killed on May 12, 1998.[3] This incident triggered the fall of Orde Baru.[3]

To commemorate the tragedy, the museum was placed in the lobby of the Dr Syarif Thajeb building, on the campus of Trisakti University, Grogol, West Jakarta.[3]

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