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Trish Sie is a Grammy Award–winning American choreographer and director, best known for creating OK Go music videos and directing the film, Step Up: All In (2014). She has worked in children's entertainment, film, television, music video, stage, and ballroom DanceSport. Sie is confirmed to direct Pitch Perfect 3.


Sie was born Patricia Kulash in Washington, D.C. Sie is her married name. She has a degree in music from the University of Pennsylvania, was a member of Penn Dance Company and is a professional championship ballroom dancer and owner of the Zebra Room Dance Studios in Orlando, FL. She is the director of Step Up: All In, the fifth feature film installment of the Step Up series of dance movies.

Other projects include choreography for OK Go, Pilobolus Dance Theatre, Rufus Wainwright, Miranda July, Bobcat Goldthwait, Matt Harding, the Imagination Movers, ESPN, Jason Hill, and various DanceSport champions. Sie is also the creator, composer, and writer of the musical science-based children's show, The Snark-a-Snoops, based in Los Angeles. She directs music videos, commercials, and films. She is based in Los Angeles.

Viral videos[edit]

Sie has been involved in the creation of numerous OK Go videos, starting with their "treadmill dance" video "Here It Goes Again" which she created, choreographed, co-produced and co-directed with the band in 2006. The group is fronted by her brother Damian Kulash. The treadmill video, which has had over 50 million plays on YouTube since being posted in July 2006, was performed live at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards and won a 2007 Grammy Award for best short-form music video. Sie conceived the idea for the treadmill video, and she and the band shot it at her home dance studio using a friend's borrowed video camera. A decade later, Sie directed their zero-gravity music video for the track Upside Down & Inside Out.

Sie had earlier choreographed OK Go's dance routine for "A Million Ways", which the band filmed in Kulash's back yard, spawning the viral internet video which was nominated for Best Music Video at the 2006 MTV Europe Music Awards.

In 2010, Sie teamed up again with OK Go to create, direct and choreograph "the dog video" for the song, "White Knuckles," which garnered more than a million hits in the first 24 hours after it was posted online. In yet another single, uninterrupted shot, the band is dancing with 12 trained dogs, a variety of furniture pieces and one goat. The video features rescue dogs and proceeds from the project benefit the ASPCA's animal rescue efforts.

In 2011, Sie teamed up yet again with OK Go to create and co-direct a project with modern dance troupe Pilobolus. The resulting video for the song "All Is Not Lost" features the band and members of the troupe in blue leotards crawling, wiggling and tumbling across a glass surface while the camera beneath looks upward toward the ceiling. The video was released as an interactive HTML5 application designed for the Google Chrome Experiment. The HTML5 version was posted to website "" in addition to a traditional video posted on YouTube. The interactive HTML5 version allows the user to enter a custom message that is embedded into the finale of the video. The video has been nominated for a Grammy Award.[1] She also participated in Phoenixville TEDx conference[2] during 2011.

In 2012, Sie created and danced tango in "Skyscrapers".[3] The Skyscrapers video was adapted for the stage by Ms. Sie and Pilobolus and premiered at the Joyce Theatre in New York City, July, 2012.

In 2016, she directed the music video for OK Go's "Upside Down & Inside Out," which was shot entirely in weightlessness, aboard a Russian aircraft that simulate zero-gravity by flying in parabolic maneuvers. Sie has called this "her most ambitious and challenging project yet." The video garnered more than 25 million views in its first day online.

Commercial director[edit]

Her commercial work has been honored with awards from Boards magazine, Creativity magazine, YouTube, and Saatchi & Saatchi's Director's Showcase in Cannes. Among her award-winning commercial projects is her direction and choreography of Häagen-Dazs' viral public service announcement, "Dancing B-Boys Drop Dead", raising awareness of the alarming worldwide disappearance of honeybees.

Personal life[edit]

Sie is married. Her second pregnancy and second unmedicated natural childbirth was shown on the popular Discovery Health Channel television show Deliver Me in 2008.


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