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Trisha Cooper is an English radio trainer, producer and broadcaster in England. Specialising in European classical music, theatre and the arts, she broadcasts regularly for BBC Radio and Television and is the face and voice of Sheffield's International Concert Season.

Trisha Cooper was born in Manchester and educated at the University of Salford, where she graduated in Modern Languages. She joined the BBC in London and worked as a producer for Radio 2 and Radio 4. She left the BBC and worked for two years as News Editor of a radio station in Northern Italy before returning to the UK and settling in Sheffield. Since then, she has worked as a producer and presenter for several BBC radio stations, including BBC Radio Sheffield, BBC Radio York and BBC Radio Humberside, covering news, current affairs and magazine programmes.

Recent engagements include the Official Opening of Sheffield City Hall, Sheffield's Off-The-Shelf Literature Festival; hosting the public 'Sheffield First' strategy launch and Danceworks UK.

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