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Tristagama patagonicum (8485203263).jpg
Tristagama patagonicum
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Angiosperms
Clade: Monocots
Order: Asparagales
Family: Amaryllidaceae
Subfamily: Allioideae
Tribe: Gilliesieae
Genus: Tristagma
Type species
Tristagma nivale
  • Gardinia Bertero, not validly published
  • Ipheion Raf.
  • Steinmannia Phil. 1884, illegitimate homonym not Opiz 1852 (Polygonaceae)[1]
  • Garaventia Looser

Tristagma is a genus of South American plants in the onion subfamily with the Amaryllis family.[3] It is native to South America (Peru, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay) but one of the species (T. uniflorum) has become naturalized in various other places.[2][4]

  1. Tristagma ameghinoi (Speg.) Speg. - Mendoza + Santa Cruz Provinces of Argentina
  2. Tristagma anemophilum Ravenna - Neuquén Province of Argentina
  3. Tristagma atreucoense Ravenna - Neuquén Province of Argentina
  4. Tristagma bivalve (Hook. ex Lindl.) Traub - central Chile
  5. Tristagma brevipes (Kuntze) Traub - central Chile
  6. Tristagma circinatum (Sandwith) Traub - Neuquén Province of Argentina
  7. Tristagma fragrans Ravenna - central Chile
  8. Tristagma gracile (Phil.) Traub - central Chile
  9. Tristagma graminifolium (Phil.) Ravenna - central Chile
  10. Tristagma leichtlinii (Baker) Traub - central Chile
  11. Tristagma lineatum Ravenna - Santiago Region of Chile
  12. Tristagma lomarum Ravenna - Arequipa Region of Peru
  13. Tristagma malalhuense Ravenna - Mendoza Province of Argentina
  14. Tristagma mirabile Ravenna - Neuquén Province of Argentina
  15. Tristagma nahuelhuapinum Ravenna - Rio Negro Province of Argentina
  16. Tristagma nivale Poepp. - central + southern Chile, southern Argentina
  17. Tristagma patagonicum (Baker) Traub - southern Argentina
  18. Tristagma peregrinans Ravenna - Uruguay
  19. Tristagma philippii Gand. - central Chile
  20. Tristagma poeppigianum (Gay) Traub - central Chile
  21. Tristagma porrifolium (Poepp.) Traub - central Chile
  22. Tristagma sessile (Phil.) Traub - Chaco Province of Argentina, central Chile, Uruguay
  23. Tristagma sociale Ravenna - Mendoza Province of Argentina
  24. Tristagma staminosum Ravenna - O'Higgins Region of Chile
  25. Tristagma tweedieanum (Baker) Traub - Uruguay, northeastern Argentina
  26. Tristagma uniflorum (Lindl.) Traub - Uruguay, eastern Argentina; naturalized in Great Britain, France, Australia, New Zealand, Oregon, California, southeastern United States (from Texas to Maryland)
  27. Tristagma yauriense Ravenna - Puno Province of Peru
formerly included[2]

Several names have been coined using the name Tristagma but referring to species now considered better suited other genera (Beauverdia, Leucocoryne, and Nothoscordum).