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Tristagama patagonicum (8485203263).jpg
Tristagama patagonicum
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Angiosperms
(unranked): Eudicots
Order: Asparagales
Family: Amaryllidaceae
Subfamily: Allioideae
Tribe: Leucocoryneae
Genus: Tristagma
Type species
Tristagma nivale
  • Gardinia Bertero, not validly published
  • Ipheion Raf.
  • Steinmannia Phil. 1884, illegitimate homonym not Opiz 1852 (Polygonaceae)[1]
  • Garaventia Looser

Tristagma is a genus of South American plants in the onion subfamily with the Amaryllis family.[3] It is native to South America (Peru, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay) but one of the species (T. uniflorum) has become naturalized in various other places.[2][4]

  1. Tristagma ameghinoi (Speg.) Speg. - Mendoza + Santa Cruz Provinces of Argentina
  2. Tristagma anemophilum Ravenna - Neuquén Province of Argentina
  3. Tristagma atreucoense Ravenna - Neuquén Province of Argentina
  4. Tristagma bivalve (Hook. ex Lindl.) Traub - central Chile
  5. Tristagma brevipes (Kuntze) Traub - central Chile
  6. Tristagma circinatum (Sandwith) Traub - Neuquén Province of Argentina
  7. Tristagma fragrans Ravenna - central Chile
  8. Tristagma gracile (Phil.) Traub - central Chile
  9. Tristagma graminifolium (Phil.) Ravenna - central Chile
  10. Tristagma leichtlinii (Baker) Traub - central Chile
  11. Tristagma lineatum Ravenna - Santiago Region of Chile
  12. Tristagma lomarum Ravenna - Arequipa Region of Peru
  13. Tristagma malalhuense Ravenna - Mendoza Province of Argentina
  14. Tristagma mirabile Ravenna - Neuquén Province of Argentina
  15. Tristagma nahuelhuapinum Ravenna - Rio Negro Province of Argentina
  16. Tristagma nivale Poepp. - central + southern Chile, southern Argentina
  17. Tristagma patagonicum (Baker) Traub - southern Argentina
  18. Tristagma peregrinans Ravenna - Uruguay
  19. Tristagma philippii Gand. - central Chile
  20. Tristagma poeppigianum (Gay) Traub - central Chile
  21. Tristagma porrifolium (Poepp.) Traub - central Chile
  22. Tristagma sessile (Phil.) Traub - Chaco Province of Argentina, central Chile, Uruguay
  23. Tristagma sociale Ravenna - Mendoza Province of Argentina
  24. Tristagma staminosum Ravenna - O'Higgins Region of Chile
  25. Tristagma tweedieanum (Baker) Traub - Uruguay, northeastern Argentina
  26. Tristagma uniflorum (Lindl.) Traub - Uruguay, eastern Argentina; naturalized in Great Britain, France, Australia, New Zealand, Oregon, California, southeastern United States (from Texas to Maryland)
  27. Tristagma yauriense Ravenna - Puno Province of Peru
formerly included[2]

Several names have been coined using the name Tristagma but referring to species now considered better suited other genera (Beauverdia, Leucocoryne, and Nothoscordum). We provide links to help you find appropriate information.