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Tristan Loo, circa 2004

Tristan J. Loo is an American life management consultant, trainer and author. He is best known as the author of Street Negotiation: How to Resolve Any Conflict Anytime. Loo has helped build the foundation for community-oriented alternative dispute resolution in the United States by increasing public awareness about the benefits of managing conflict and creating peace through mediation and interpersonal communication skills. [1]

A core message in both Loo's written work and his presentations is that everyone suffers hardships in life and it is the successful people who are able to pick themselves up and move forward towards their dreams.


Loo was born in Los Angeles, California to Margaret and Longden Loo. He experienced perinatal asphyxia, a form of newborn respiratory failure, during birth which resulted in his near death. At age seven, Loo took up the sport of gymnastics, inspired by 1984 Olympic American gold medal gymnasts Peter Vidmar, Bart Conner and Tim Daggett. Despite being mostly self-taught, he became an accomplished scholarship athlete for the University of California, Santa Barbara under former Romanian Olympic Coach, Mircea Badulescu. Loo served five years as a police officer in Ventura County, specializing in crisis intervention. [2] He later authored his book, Street Negotiation, based on his views that the world could benefit from better life management skills. In 2004, he ended his law enforcement career and started his own life management training and publishing company.

Loo has a B.A. in legal science from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and is a graduate from the Ventura County Police/Sheriffs Academy. Loo has been a university sports coach, a police officer, a conflict mediator, a corporate manager and a leading authority in the area of personal development. He is the founder of the Synergy Institute, a personal development company based in San Diego. Loo trains entrepreneurs, athletes, corporate leaders and social workers on how to manage their personal lives to produce the results they desire.


  • "Do it or don't do it, but never maybe do it."
  • "The only thing riskier than taking risks in life is being too afraid to take them at all."
  • "Losers sit back and complain about what didn't happen. Winners go out and make it happen."
  • "Regardless of your past, have faith in your unlimited power to achieve what you believe and you can have, be or do anything your heart desires."
  • "Luck is simply the end result of a consistent, persistent effort towards a meaningful goal."
  • "Life without purpose is simply waiting to die."

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  • Street Negotiation: How to Resolve Any Conflict Anytime (2006) Pagefree Publishing ISBN 1-58961-435-6
  • Living Your Purpose: Discover Your Path to Everlasting Success
  • Self Improvement Magazine

Self Improvement Magazine focuses on the five core areas of life success: Wealth & Abundance, Personal Growth, Well-being, Personal Effectiveness, and Relationships.


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