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Tristan Pfaff (born 23 April 1985) is a French pianist, trained at the Conservatoire de Paris under Michel Béroff. He is noted for a Franz Liszt Album on iTunes and may be considered as one of the main pianists of his generation.[1]

Year Competition Prize Ex-aequo with... 1st prize winner References
2002 Ukraine Vladimir Krainev, Kharkiv 2nd prize ? [1] Scottish IPC
2003 France Arcachon 1st prize [2] idem
2004 Portugal Vianna da Motta 7th prize not awarded [3] W.F.I.M.C.
2005 Portugal Porto IPC 2nd prize Latvia Andrejs Osokins Russia Evgeny Starodubtsev [4] idem
2007 United Kingdom Scottish IPC, Glasgow 3rd prize United Kingdom Tom Poster [5] Scottish IPC
2007 France Long-Thibaud, Paris 6th prize Japan Hibiki Tamura [6] Concours Long-Thibaud
2008 Spain Cidade de Ferrol 1st prize [7] El País, November 2008


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  • [8] 2007 Scottish International Piano Competition