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Tristan Pollock
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Tristan Pollock
ResidenceSan Francisco

Tristan Pollock' is an entrepreneur and investor based in the San Francisco Bay Area. In March 2009, Pollock co-founded Social Earth, a Minneapolis-based community for social innovation, social entrepreneurship, and thought leadership.[1] The company was acquired in March 2012 by 3BL Media.[2] He then moved to San Francisco and co-founded Storefront with Erik Eliason in June 2012; Storefront helps popup stores find short-term rentals.[3] Storefront went through the AngelPad program and raised $1.6M through 500 Startups, Sandhill Angels, and Great Oaks Venture Capital.[4] In January 2015, Pollock was named to Forbes' 30 Under 30 List.[5] By February 2015 Pollock was as an entrepreneur in residence at 500 Startups,[6][7] In 2016 Storefront was acquired by Oui Open and Pollock had become a venture partner at 500 startups.[8]

Sexual Harassment Accusation[edit]

On the evening of October 7, 2015 an incident occurred in Taipei, Taiwan resulting in a sexual harassment complaint brought against Pollock by TechCrunch technology reporter Catherine Shu.

Pollock’s employer, investment firm 500 Startups, investigated the complaint and interviewed multiple witnesses present. The firm stated that it “took internal action that we felt was responsive and reparative” against Pollock; which they later clarified to say “based on the facts made available to us [we] took disciplinary actions with Mr. Pollock.”

March 2016, Pollock submitted an essay about “vice technology” titled “Silicon Vice: How sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll are creating the next big tech companies” to the Crunch Network, a publishing platform run by TechCrunch, where Shu was a writer. TechCrunch removed Pollock’s article from its website.

On July 20, 2017, following 500 Startups founder Dave McClure’s resignation amid multiple sexual harassment charges, Shu published a detailed report of the 2015 incident with Pollock. The article included a photograph taken by a witness featuring Pollock appearing to unwantedly pull Shu’s arm. In response, 500 Startups “immediately engage[d] a third party investigator to review the results of [its] previous investigation” and placed Pollock on an administrative leave of absence pending results of the investigation. [9]


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