Tristesse Hivernale

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Tristesse Hivernale
Alcest - Tristesse Hivernale.jpg
Demo album by Alcest
Released 2001
Genre Black metal
Length 21:25
Label Drakkar
Alcest chronology
Tristesse Hivernale
Le Secret

Tristesse Hivernale is a demo by black metal Neige-led band Alcest, released in 2001 on Drakkar Productions. Unlike the following albums, this style of this demo is traditional black metal with a raw sound and harsh vocals. The music was recorded with Argoth (bass guitar) and Aegnor/Famine (lead guitar), both from Peste Noire, a band that Neige was also involved with as a session drummer at the time (session/live rhythm guitarist later). Famine wrote the main riff of the song "La Forêt de Cristal". It was later re-released by Northern Silence Productions in August 2007 as a split release with another French black metal band, Angmar.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Tristesse Hivernale" 3:50
2. "La Forêt de Cristal" 4:38
3. "En Mémoire aux Valeureux Guerriers" 5:24
4. "La Mort Plane sur Ces Contrées Glacées" 7:33
Total length: 21:25