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Successor Teuta
Spouse Agron (1st)
Demetrius of Pharos (2nd)

Triteuta (Ancient Greek: Τριτεύτα; fl. 230–219 BC) was the first wife of Agron, the king of the Ardiaei (r. 250–231 BC), with whom she had a son named Pinnes. Some time before his death (231/230 BC), Agron divorced Triteuta and married Teuta. Their son, crown prince Pinnes, was placed under guardianship of step-mother Teuta (the Queen regent) until after the First Illyrian War (228 BC). According to Dio Chrysostom, Demetrius of Pharos married Triteuta and became regent for Pinnes,[1] after the war, thus becoming the most powerful of the Illyrian rulers in the 220s BC.[2] With Demetrius removed from the throne in 219 BC it is likely that Triteuta was no longer queen.[citation needed]


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