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Triton Digital, LLC, formerly Triton Media Group, is a digital audio technology and advertising company based in Los Angeles. The group is owned by Vector Capital[1] and works with audio publishers in over 35 countries including brands such as Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio, AccuRadio, CBS Radio, and ESPN Radio.[2]


Triton Digital was founded in August 2006 by Neal Schore and Mike Agovino in Sherman Oaks, California, in the Los Angeles area.[3] It was funded as a limited partnership by private investors.[4]

Triton Digital technology connected audio supply to advertising demand since 2006, providing the technical backbone for the digital audio marketplace. The company’s technology enables both live and on-demand publishers to build audience and revenue.


Triton announced a partnership to resell Slipstream Radio in 2008.[5] Triton Digital acquired Ando Media in September 2009.[6] Ando Media was founded in 2004 in Denver, Colorado.[7] Ando developed software to audience measurement metrics for Internet radio, competing with the major firm Arbitron by 2006.[8] In 2011 Ernst & Young named Schore (chief executive of Triton Media at the time) entrepreneur of the year for Los Angeles area advertising companies.[9][10] In April 2011, the Media Rating Council accredited Triton's Webcast Metrics product.[11] In January 2013 Triton Digital marketed an online auction system for radio advertisements called a2x.[12][13] In 2015 Triton Digital was acquired by Vector Capital. In June 2017,Triton launched Yield-Op Supply Side Platform (SSP) for online audio.[14]


Ando Media[edit]

In September 2009, Triton Media Group acquired Ando Media, a company which developed products for internet radio and the content delivery industry that assisted stations in monetizing their audience. These products include Webcast Metrics (audience measurement), Ad Injector (ad injection prior to or into a stream including impression measurement), and PodLoc (creates podcasts of any audio on the fly and make available for download as well as measurement). Ando Media had been formed in 2004 by a software company, Ando Media, Inc. and Aritaur Communications, Inc. an owner of radio stations and Internet related ventures.

E. W. Scripps Company[edit]

In October 17, 2018, the E. W. Scripps Company announced its intention to acquire Triton Digital for $150 million in cash. If approved, the sale is expected to close by the end of 2018. Scripps will continue to run Triton as a separate entity.[15]


In December 2018, Triton did a partnership with Deezer, distributing audio ads programmatic across 20 countries worldwide.[16]


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