Triumph Thunderbird (2009)

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Triumph Thunderbird
Triumph Thunderbird1600 2.jpg
2010 Triumph Thunderbird
Engine1,597 cc (97 cu in) or 1,699 cc (104 cu in)
DOHC four-stroke parallel-twin
Bore / stroke1,600 cc: 103.8 mm × 94.3 mm (4.09 in × 3.71 in)
1,700 cc: 107.1 mm × 94.3 mm (4.22 in × 3.71 in)
Power1,600 cc: 85 bhp (63 kW; 86 PS) @ 4,850 rpm[1]
1,700 cc: 97 bhp (72 kW; 98 PS) @ 5,200 rpm[2]
Torque1,600 cc: 108 ft⋅lbf (146 N⋅m) @ 2,750 rpm[1]
1,700 cc: 115 ft⋅lbf (156 N⋅m) @ 2,950 rpm[2]
Transmission6-speed belt drive
SuspensionFront: 47 mm Showa forks
Rear: Twin spring shock absorbers
BrakesFront: Twin 310 mm floating discs. Nissin 4-piston fixed callipers
Rear: Single 310 mm fixed disc. Brembo 2-piston floating calliper
Optional ABS
TyresFront: 120/70 R19
Rear: 200/50 R17
Wheelbase1,615 mm (63.6 in)
DimensionsL: 2,340 mm (92.1 in)
W: 880 mm (34.6 in) (including handlebars)
H: 1,120 mm (44.1 in)
Weight339 kg (747 lb) (wet)
Fuel capacity22 L (4.8 imp gal; 5.8 US gal)

The Triumph Thunderbird is Triumph motorcycle made in Hinckley, England, and sold since June 2009.[3] The name "Thunderbird" is revived from a previous Triumph three-cylinder 885 cc bike. The name was previously applied to a single carburettor version of the 650cc twin Bonneville produced in the mid-1960s for police work. The final iteration was the Thunderbird Sport, last made in 2004.


2011 Triumph Thunderbird Storm

The Thunderbird is a cruiser with a large 200/50 R17 rear tyre. Design was by Tim Prentice in California.[3][4] The DOHC eight-valve parallel-twin engine has two balance shafts and a 270° crank, which imitates the sound and feel of a V-twin. The 1,597 cc (97.5 cu in) engine was originally intended to be modular, namely "two-thirds of" a Triumph Rocket III engine; but after four years of development, the only parts in common are the valves. Power output is 85 bhp (63 kW; 86 PS) and torque is 108 lb⋅ft (146 N⋅m).[3] The engine has two spark plugs per cylinder, which gives better combustion, resulting in lower fuel consumption, cleaner exhaust emissions, and more power. Brakes are double front discs with four-piston callipers, with a single rear disc also with two-piston callipers (ABS as option).[5] Final drive is via a belt drive.[6]

In 2011, the Thunderbird Storm variant model was released featuring the previously-optional 1,699 cc (103.7 cu in) engine fitted as standard, twin headlamps and with a number of black, rather than chrome parts [7]


A road test of the Thunderbird by Motorcycle News in May 2009,[8] found that the motorcycle performed well, and handling and braking were significantly superior to comparable American or Japanese cruiser models. In 2009 and 2010, US motorcycle magazine Cycle World awarded the Thunderbird "Best Cruiser" in its annual "Ten Best Bikes" feature.[9]


  • Triumph Thunderbird with 1,597 cc engine (since 2009)[10]
  • Triumph Thunderbird 'Storm', with 1,699 cc engine (since 2011)[10]


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