Triumph In the Skies

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Triumph in the Skies
Promotional poster
Genre Modern drama
Starring Francis Ng
Flora Chan
Joe Ma
Michelle Ye
Ron Ng
Sammul Chan
Myolie Wu
Bosco Wong
Kenneth Ma
Opening theme "歲月如歌" by
Eason Chan
Ending theme "我不愛你" by
Flora Chan
Country of origin Hong Kong
Original language(s) Cantonese
No. of episodes 40
Producer(s) Poon Ka Tak
Running time 45 minutes (approx.)
Original network TVB Jade
Original release 27 October – 19 December 2003
Followed by Triumph in the Skies II (2013)
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Triumph in the Skies is a Hong Kong drama television series that premiered on TVB in 2003, starring Francis Ng, Flora Chan and Joe Ma. The drama tells the lives of pilots working for the fictional Solar Airways based on Hong Kong's Cathay Pacific.

It has been cited as one of TVB's best serial dramas, and there were rumours of a sequel to be made in 2006. However, it has been pushed back due to continuing negotiation with an airline to provide support. In May 2011, TVB announced that a sequel was in development, with filming beginning in the early months of 2012. The sequel, titled Triumph in the Skies II, aired on TVB Jade on 15 July 2013.

Triumph in the Skies has been compared to the now-cancelled NBC series LAX. It sparked an interest in aviation when first aired amongst Hong Kong viewers, as well as an interest in a small doll named "Triangel" featured early on in the series.

External photography took place on location in Japan, Italy, and Australia, with sequence shots at Parafield Airport in Adelaide being memorable for their in-depth depiction of flight training.


Main cast[edit]

  • Samuel Tong (唐亦琛, portrayed by Francis Ng) - A senior pilot at Solar Airways. Having grown up with best buddy, Vincent, they both strive to be the first Chinese captain at Solar. Strait-laced and serious, he often checks his emotions so as to appear cold hearted.
  • Isabelle "Belle" Lok (樂以珊, portrayed by Flora Chan) - A member of the Solar cabin crew, she first met Samuel in Rome and falls in love with him. Due to a misunderstanding, however, she eventually met and fell in love with Vincent and marries him instead.
  • Vincent Ling (凌雲志, portrayed by Joe Ma) - Sam's best friend and fellow senior pilot. He used to be a playboy and treated women as playthings, but he later changed his outlook on life; but died mid drama.

Secondary cast[edit]

  • Zita Tung (童希欣, portrayed by Michelle Ye) - She began her career as the only female trainee pilot in the cadre. Growing up in a single parent family, she repeatedly searched for her father, whom she believes is in Japan.
  • Issac Tong (唐亦風, portrayed by Ron Ng) - The younger brother of Samuel. He grew up believing his mother was his older sister, but finally found out the truth behind his family story. Initially immature and irresponsible, he later became a pilot with Solar.
  • Donald Man (萬浩聰, portrayed by Sammul Chan) - Coming from a wealthy family, he followed his love interest, Zita, into Solar as a trainee pilot, and nurtured a love for that profession.
  • Zoe So (蘇怡, portrayed by Myolie Wu) - A bubbly, vivacious and naive person, she aspired to work at the airport after a medical incident on an airplane.
  • Chris Tse (謝立豪, portrayed by Bosco Wong) - Despite being relatively poorer than Donald, he grew up with him, due to his father's occupation as Donald's father's chauffeur. He aspired for a career in aviation.
  • Roy Ko (高志宏, portrayed by Kenneth Ma) - A poor kid who joined Solar to upgrade and continue the family tradition of being drivers, which is the occupation of all of his family members.
  • Coco Ling (凌卓芝, portrayed by Nancy Wu) - Vincent's little sister who lived in Australia until she moved to Hong Kong to join Solar as an air stewardess. Initially jealous of Belle, she is soon won over.
  • Phillip Tong (唐璜, portrayed by Shek Sau) -The previously womanising playboy father of Samuel and Isaac, who works in the airport as their head chef.
  • Cammy Ying (刑佳美, portrayed by Mary Hon) - Wife of Phillip and the mother of both Samuel and Isaac. She and Phillip were separated once, but has since reunited. She later joined the airport as staff.
  • Ruby Bui (貝嘉露, portrayed by Louisa So) - One of Belle's best friends and ex-housemate. She is strict in her work and demands the best in everyone.
  • Paul Mok (莫善波, portrayed by Jerry Lamb) - Zoe's cousin. He initially aspired to be a pilot, but after failing his pilot examination three times, he joined the airport ground staff instead.
  • Tina Yip (葉雁婷, portrayed by Rebecca Chan) - Zita's mother; training instructor for cabin crew.
  • Vicky Yau (丘慧琪, portrayed by Margaret Chung) - An experienced stewardess onboard Solar aircraft.

Recurring cast[edit]

  • Kam Chak Tai (Lok Ying Kwan)
  • Tony Ching (Patrick Dunn)
  • Szeto Hin (Andy Tai)
  • Tang Wai Nei (Natalie Wong)
  • Chee Sheung Man (Deno Cheung)
  • Tong Wan Miu (Fung Hiu Man)
  • Chow Wan Tin (Samuel Lau)
  • Mimi (Eileen Yeow)

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