Trivia (gastropod)

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Trivia monacha 2.jpg
Seven shells of Trivia monacha from beach drift near Aberffraw, Anglesey.
Scale is in cm.
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Mollusca
Class: Gastropoda
Clade: Caenogastropoda
Clade: Hypsogastropoda
Order: Littorinimorpha
Superfamily: Velutinoidea
Family: Triviidae
Subfamily: Triviinae
Genus: Trivia
Gray, 1837
Type species
Cypraea europaea
Montagu, 1808

Trivia is a genus of small sea snails, marine gastropod molluscs in the family Triviidae, the trivias.[1]

These are known in Britain as "cowries".[citation needed] The shell of these species does superficially resemble the shell of a very small cowry, but Trivia species are not very closely related to true cowries.


The genus Trivia has recently[when?] been split into many genera, including Cleotrivia, Niveria, Pusula, Triviella, Trivirostra etc., but this information is not yet shown completely in the species list below. There is currently no consensus about definition of the genera backed by a reliable phylogenetic scheme, for which reason all European species in the ERMS context are maintained under genus Trivia, around the type species Trivia arctica.[1]

Species within the genus Trivia include, according to the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS)[1]

Species named in other databases[which?]
[citation needed]
Species brought into synonymy

European species: Trivia arctica, T. candidula, T. monacha and T. multirilata

Western Atlantic species with updated genera: [1]


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