Portrait of a Man (Antonello da Messina, Turin)

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Portrait of a Man
Antonello da Messina 060.jpg
Artist Antonello da Messina
Year 1476
Type Panel
Dimensions 37.4 cm × 29.5 cm (14.7 in × 11.6 in)
Location Turin City Museum of Ancient Art

Portrait of a Man is a painting by Italian Renaissance artist Antonello da Messina, housed in the Turin City Museum of Ancient Art.


Often called the Trivulzio portrait, this portrait was signed by Antonello and dated 1476. It was part of the collection of the Florentine noble family Rinuccini, which was later acquired by the Trivulzio. In 1935 the collection was scattered, although most of the material went to Milan. The Turin museum obtained this portrait and the Turin-Milan Hours.

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