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Trix may refer to:

  • Trix (cereal), a breakfast cereal
  • Trix (company), the German company that produced Trix construction and model train sets
  • Trix (construction sets), originally produced in Germany and later in the UK
  • Trix (technical analysis), a technical analysis oscillator
  • Trix (operating system), start for the first attempt at the GNU kernel
  • Kodak Tri-X, a popular brand of black-and-white photographic film from Kodak
  • TriX (syntax), a syntax for Resource Description Framework (RDF) data (a serialization of Resource Description Framework models)
  • Trix Electrical Co. Ltd, London. Audio equipment manufacturers of the 20th century

Entertainment and the arts[edit]

  • Trix & Flix, the two official mascots for UEFA Euro 2008
  • Trix Gilmore, a recurring character on the TV series Gilmore Girls
  • Trix MacMillan, a fictional character in the "Eighth Doctor Adventures" novels based upon the Doctor Who television series
  • Trix Records, a blues record label
  • Trix (Trillizas de oro), a pop group of blonde identical triplet women
  • The Trix, a group of antagonists in the fictional series Winx Club