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Swedish soft drink Trocadero.

Trocadero is a caffeinated apple- and orange flavored soft drink from Sweden. It has been produced by Saturnus AB since 1953. Several Swedish breweries make Trocadero, including Kopparbergs, Spendrups and Nyckelbryggerier among others.


The name[edit]

Trocadero was introduced by Nils-Håkan Håkansson of Saturnus AB, and, according to his grandson Edward Liepe, was named either after the Place du Trocadéro in Paris or after the Cafe de Trocadéro in Paris.


The same year that Trocadero was introduced, the ban on colas was lifted in Sweden and both Coke and Cuba Cola (also brewed by Saturnus) were introduced to the market. Trocadero was for some time the only soft drink except cola beverages containing caffeine. Saturnus, however, over the years became more and more focused on selling essences for flavoring spirits and cocktail mixing, and in line with this focus also started to sell soft drink essences to other breweries instead of making the soft drinks itself. Saturnus now sells only flavorings and essences for manufacturing Trocadero to certain approved breweries, with the requirements that the brewery will focus on the brand, has good water, and will keep the proportion of essence to water within a given range. Trocadero mixed with brandy is called Grosshandlargrogg (wholesaler grog), and Trocadero candy is now marketed.

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