Troides oblongomaculatus

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Oblong-spotted birdwing
Troides oblogomaculatus papuensis MHNT male.jpg
T. o. papuensis, male from Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Lepidoptera
Family: Papilionidae
Genus: Troides
Species: T. oblongomaculatus
Binomial name
Troides oblongomaculatus
(Goeze, 1779)

Troides oblongomaculatus, the oblong-spotted birdwing, is a birdwing butterfly found in Indonesia and New Guinea.

T. oblongomaculatus is the only Troides species found as far east as New Guinea. It has been assumed[by whom?] that the species originated in the Moluccas and later penetrated into Melanesia. It is a common species, the larva of which feed on Aristolochia tagala.


Nine subspecies are recognized.[1] These are:

  • T. o. oblongomaculatus (Goeze, 1779) from Seram, Ambon, Saparua, Haruku, Seram Laut, Geser, Nusa Laut, Nusa Is.
  • T. o. thestius (Staudinger, 1896) from Salaya Is.
  • T. o. bouruensis (Wallace, 1865) from Buru Is., Sula Mangole
  • T. o. asartia (Rothschild, 1908) from Seram Laut Is.
  • T. o. bandensis Pagenstecher, 1904 from Banda Islands
  • T. o. hanno Fruhstorfer, 1904 from Gorong Is., Watubela Is., Kasiui Is., Tiffoor
  • T. o. papuensis (Wallace, 1865) from New Guinea
  • T. o. ilonae Schäffler, 1999 from Yapen Is.
  • T. o. cyclop Rumbucher & Schäffler, 2005 from Manipa Is., Kelang Is.

Related species[edit]

Troides oblongomaculatus is a member of the Troides helena species group. The members of this clade are:


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