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Bird-eye view of Troieschyna, looking westwards from the edge of Kiev. The city's Dnipro River and right-bank are seen in the background.
Typical skyline of Troieschyna as seen from the light rail's Myloslavska Street Station.

Troieshchyna (Ukrainian: Троєщина) or since 1987 Vygurivschyna-Troieshchyna (Ukrainian: Виґурівщина-Троєщина) is a large neighborhood of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Troieshchyna is an outskirt located on the city's northern left-bank and is administratively part of the Desnianskyi District.

The neighborhood is a large whole-planned bedroom district housing the population of at least 240,000 residents[1] but also includes a small industrial area. Troieshchyna only became part of Kiev municipality in 1988; prior to that it was a village of Kiev Oblast which still exists on the edge of the new neighborhood.

The area suffers from inadequate transport links to the rest of the city. Kiev City authorities have at one point decided on extending the Kiev Metro system to Troieshchyna, either through the proposed Livoberezhna line or the Podilsko-Vyhurivska line which is currently under construction. However, cost of building a new metro line was too high and the proposal was scrapped in favor of modernizing an existing light rail system.[2] But in 2018 construction of new bridge for metro continues.


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