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Front of a Troika card
CurrencyRussian ruble (3000 ₽ maximum load)
Stored-valuePay as you go
Credit expiryAfter 5 years from last top-up
Auto rechargeYes

The Troika card [1] (Russian: Тройка, Troika) is a contactless reusable card designed to pay for public transport in Moscow. It is the centrepiece of the new ticketing menu introduced in Moscow on April 2, 2013.

Fare options[edit]

Passengers using the Troika card can pay for their trips by bus, trolleybus, or tram for 42 rubles and the Moscow Metro for 42 rubles.[2] In addition, the 90-Minute ticket fare is included on Troika, allowing passengers one ride on the metro or monorail plus an unlimited number of rides on surface transport within one and a half hours.

By June 2015 it is possible to purchase any ticket from the new ticketing menu – Unified, 90 Minute, and TAT – for any number of rides, including unlimited tickets. In addition, users will be able to purchase unlimited rail passes and one-trip tickets on the suburban trains. However, this does not include passes for 10, 20, 60, and 90 trips.[3]

Type Price in ruble Cost per trip Valid time and remarks Image
Troika refillable e-purse card
1 trip on metro and/or monorail 42 + 50 rubles deposit
1 trip on road vehicle 38 trolleybus, bus or tram
90 minute transfer ride 56 Unlimited transfers on trolleybus, bus or tram + 1 metro and/or monorail trip in any order.
Unified (единый): 1 trip on metro and/or monorail, trolleybus, bus or tram
1 ride 55 55 Valid for 5 days
2 rides 110 55
20 rides 747 37.35 Valid for 90 days
40 rides 1494 37.35
60 rides 1765 29.42
Unlimited 24 hours 218 Valid upon usage + 50 rubles deposit
Unlimited 3 days 415
Unlimited 7 days 830
Unlimited 30 days 2075 Valid upon purchase
Unlimited 90 days 5190
Unlimited 365 days 18900
Within 90 minutes: 1 trip on metro and/or monorail + unlimited transfer for trolleybus, bus or tram
1 ride 60 30 Valid for 1 day Transfer order is arbitrary
2 rides 120 30 Valid for 5 days
5 rides 260 26 Valid for 90 days
11 rides 550 25
20 rides 900 22.5
40 rides 1800 22.5
60 rides 2100 17.5
ТАТ: 1 trip on trolleybus, bus or tram
1 ride 40 40 Valid for 5 days
2 rides 80 40
3 rides 100 33.33 Valid for 90 days Sold by vehicle driver only
5 rides 125 25
11 rides 235 21.36
20 rides 400 20
40 rides 800 20
60 rides 850 14.17
Unlimited 30 days 930 Valid upon purchase + 50 rubles deposit
Unlimited 90 days 2400
Unlimited 365 days 8000
Transport Card for student
Unlimited 1 calendar month 365

Buying and topping up Troika card[edit]

Passengers can buy a Troika card at any Metro ticket office and automated Mosgortrans ticket kiosks. They can top it up at Metro ticket windows and automated Metro vending machines.

New functions[edit]

In the near future the Troika card will feature more ways to top up and several new functions. Over the course of 2013 it will be possible to purchase and top up the card at sites outside the Mosgortrans network, such as automated vending machines, mobile phone stores, and payment terminals. By autumn it will be possible to transfer funds to the Troika card via the internet, SMS, electronic payment systems, and smartphone apps. Card owners will be able to register the Troika card to their name, allowing them better control of their balance and the ability to restore funds if they lose their card.

By the end of 2013 Troika card users will be able to top up at payment terminals, online, and via SMS, as well as being able to viewtravel statistics, get a refund in case of card loss, and pay for car parking and suburban train journeys. The Troikacard also helps shorten waiting times at Metro ticket offices and whileboarding surface transport.

Timeline of Troika upgrades[edit]

Currently users are able to:

  • use Troika card to buy tickets for suburban commuter trains, or elektrichka.
  • purchase any fare for Troika card – such as TAT, 90 Minute, and Unified – including Unlimited-ride fares.
  • create a personal account on the website Archived 2018-01-29 at the Wayback Machine to protect yourself in the event of card theft or loss.
  • top up Troika card at, via electronic payment systems, smartphone apps, SMS or USSD requests, payment terminals and ATMs.
  • manage Troika card by dialing '3210' on mobile phone: get account balance, block an account, or replace lost cards. (Passengers must visit the Unified Recovery Center to obtain their repaired cards or replacement cards)
  • use a Troika mobile app to manage an account (for Android and iOS phones).
  • use "Auto pay" to top up Troika account automatically when it falls below a certain amount. For automatic payment, users should personalize their Troika account online and activate "Auto pay."
  • purchase Troika cards in mobile phone stores, such as Svyaznoy, Yevroset'.
  • use Troika to pay for car parking, bicycle rental, and other city transport services.

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