Trois novelettes (Poulenc)

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Trois novelettes
Piano music by Francis Poulenc
  • FP 47 (1,2)
  • FP 173 (3)
  • 1927 (1)
  • 1928 (2)
  • 1959 (3)

Trois novelettes (Three novelettes) are three short pieces for piano composed by Francis Poulenc.

The first two novelettes, in C major and B-flat minor, FP 47, written in 1927 and 1928 respectively, were originally published together. The third, in E minor, FP 173, was written in 1959. These novelettes demonstrate multi-layered piano writing.[citation needed]

  • Novelette in C major (1927) is dedicated to Virginie Liénard, a family friend, also the dedicatee of Poulenc's piano suite Soirées de Nazelles (1930–36). The piece features a neo-classical song-like melody interrupted by a central contrasting section.
  • Novelette in B-flat minor (1928) is similar in ways to a scherzo. It is dedicated to Poulenc's friend and critic Louis Laloy.
  • Novelette in E minor (1959) is based on Manuel de Falla's 7/8 theme from El amor brujo (1916), simplified by Poulenc into 3/8 time, and without a contrasting section. It employs fluid arpeggio figures. This piece is dedicated to Poulenc's close friend R. Douglas Gibson.

Poulenc premiered his first two novelettes at a concert in Paris on 10 June 1928.


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