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Trolls are mythical creatures found in Games Workshop's Warhammer Fantasy fictional universe.


Trolls are usually depicted as large, ugly, clumsy brutes, with thick skin. Though they vary greatly in appearance, they are all big, stupid and hungry. Trolls are able to vomit up the contents of their hideous stomach at will, which is particularly bad as troll digestive acids are among the most corrosive substances in the Warhammer world. The metabolism of trolls is such that although apparently knocked down and killed they can regenerate and recover unless decapitated.

Trolls are not numerous nor organized enough to form armies of themselves. They are employed by some, such as the Orcs & Goblins because their stupidity makes them of excellent value.


Besides the bog standard "common troll," there are a number of different troll breeds described in the Warhammer setting:

Stone Trolls[edit]

Stone trolls are blue coloured trolls with long noses, lanky builds and pebbly skin. They live in the high mountains where there is little to eat except stones. It is believed that stone trolls' rocky diet has made them resistant to many things, most notably magic.

River Trolls[edit]

River trolls are green coloured trolls with huge fangs, wide ears and blue scales along their body. They live in the lakes and rivers of the Old World. River trolls are noted for the fact that even compared to normal trolls, they are exceptionally disgusting and smelly.

Chaos Trolls[edit]

By living in the far northern climates, they have been horribly mutated by the twisting powers of Chaos. Chaos Trolls are often used by followers of Nurgle.