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Brighton trolleybus system
Maidstone corporation Trolley bus model.jpg
Model of former Brighton trolleybus no 51, in Maidstone system livery.
LocaleBrighton, East Sussex, England
Open1 May 1939 (1939-05-01)
Close30 June 1961 (1961-06-30)
Operator(s)Brighton Corporation Transport
Brighton, Hove & District Omnibus Co. Ltd.
Electrification(?) V DC parallel overhead lines
Stock52 (maximum) (BCT)
11 (B,H&D)

The Brighton trolleybus system once served the town of Brighton, East Sussex, England. Opened on 1 May 1939 (1939-05-01),[1][2] it gradually replaced the Brighton Corporation Tramways network.

By the standards of the various now defunct trolleybus systems in the United Kingdom, the Brighton system was a moderately sized one, with a total of nine routes.[1] It was also unusual, in that it had two operators.

The main operator of the system was Brighton Corporation Transport, which owned the wires, and at its peak had a fleet of 52 trolleybuses. The other operator, Brighton, Hove & District Omnibus Co. Ltd., introduced a fleet of eight trolleybuses to the system on 1 January 1945 (1945-01-01) with three more following later, and ran them on four of the system's routes.[1] The whole system was closed relatively early, on 30 June 1961 (1961-06-30).[1][2]

Two of the former Brighton trolleybuses are now preserved. One is at the Science Museum annexe at Swindon, and the other is at the East Anglia Transport Museum, Carlton Colville, Suffolk.[3] The latter vehicle, no 52, is preserved in the livery of Maidstone Corporation, which acquired it and used it on the Maidstone trolleybus system, following the closure of the Brighton system.[4]

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