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Córdoba trolleybus system
Transporte en Córdoba (Argentina) 2009-11-27.jpg
A ZIU trolleybus in the city centre in 2009
Locale Córdoba, Argentina
Open 7 May 1989 (1989-05-07)
Status Open
Routes 3 (TA, TB, TC)
Operator(s) Transporte Automotor Municipal Sociedad del Estado (TAMSE)
Website TAMSE (Spanish)

The Córdoba trolleybus system (Spanish: Sistema de trolebuses de Córdoba) is part of the public transport network in Córdoba, the capital city of Córdoba Province, Argentina.

Opened in 1989, the system presently comprises three lines, with a total length of approximately 50 km (31 mi).


As part of an ambitious municipal public transport improvement program, the city of Córdoba decided in the late 1980s to incorporate trolleybuses into Córdoba's urban transport system.

The Soviet firm "VVO Technoexport" was responsible for the turnkey installation of the trolleybus system, which initially used ZiU-9 trolleybuses, model 682b, manufactured in Russia by ZiU (Zavod imeni Uritskogo, now Trolza).

In 1990, Russian-made ZiU-10 articulated trolleybuses of model 683c were added to the fleet. They incorporated thyristor technology, which ensured more effective control. By 1992, Córdoba had 32 conventional and 12 articulated ZiU-brand trolleybuses. The latter vehicles had a capacity of 46 seats and 166 passengers with a total length of 17.5 m.

A Norinco trolleybus in Córdoba, near Patio Olmos, in 2007

In 2000, 16 Chinese-built Norinco Shenfeng trolleybuses entered service on the system.

Companies that have operated the Córdoba trolleybus system have been successively:

  • Expreso Emir S.A.: from 1989 to 1993;
  • Transportes Eléctricos Cañadenses: from 1993 to 1996;
  • Municipalidad de Córdoba: from 1996 to 1997;
  • Trolecor S.A.: from 1998 to July 2004;
  • Transporte Automotor Municipal Sociedad del Estado (TAMSE): since July 2004.


These are Córdoba's present trolleybus lines:

Line A[edit]

Corredor trolea cordoba argentina.svg
  • From Barrio Mariano Fragueiro
  • To Plaza las Américas

Line B[edit]

Corredor troleb cordoba argentina.svg
  • From Barrio Alto Alberdi
  • To Barrio Pueyrredón

Line C[edit]

Corredor trolec cordoba argentina.svg
  • From Barrio Ameghino
  • To Barrio San Vicente

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