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Darlington trolleybus system
Bradford Trolleybus at Clayton (Town End) - - 1564170.jpg
A rebodied former Darlington trolleybus working on the Bradford system, May 1970
Locale Darlington, County Durham, England
Open 17 January 1926 (1926-01-17)
Close 31 July 1957 (1957-07-31)
Status Closed
Routes 5
Operator(s) Darlington Corporation Transport
Stock 66 (maximum)

The Darlington trolleybus system once served the town of Darlington, County Durham, England. Opened on 17 January 1926 (1926-01-17),[1][2] it replaced the Darlington Corporation Light Railways tramway network.

By the standards of the various now-defunct trolleybus systems in the United Kingdom, the Darlington system was a moderately sized one, with a total of 5 routes, and a maximum fleet of 66 trolleybuses.[2] It was closed relatively early, on 31 July 1957 (1957-07-31).[1][2]

None of the former Darlington trolleybuses are recorded as having been preserved.[3]

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