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Mexico City trolleybus system
A trolleybus on Division del Norte Street in 2009
Locale Mexico City, Mexico
Open 9 March 1951 (1951-03-09)
Status Open
Routes 8 (as of mid-2014)[1]
Operator(s) Servicio de Transportes Eléctricos (STE)
Electrification 600 V DC
Depot(s) 3 [1]
Stock Approx. 360 trolleybuses (2014)[1]
Website Servicio de Transportes Eléctricos (in Spanish)

The Mexico City trolleybus system (Spanish: Red de Trolebuses de la Ciudad de México ) serves Mexico City, the capital city of Mexico.

The system opened on 9 March 1951.[2][3] As of mid-2014, the system had 8 lines and the operable fleet included around 360 trolleybuses.[1] The total number of trolleybuses scheduled in service in peak periods was 290 in late 2012,[4] but was 264 in mid-2014.[1] The eight routes currently in operation are designated by the following letters: A, CP, D, G, I, K, LL and S.[1][4]

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