Trolleybuses in Solingen

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Solingen trolleybus system
Solingen MAN SL 172 HO.jpg
An MAN trolleybus in Solingen, 2005.
Locale Solingen, Germany
Open 19 June 1952 (1952-06-19)
Status Open
Routes 6
Operator(s) Stadtwerke Solingen
Electrification 600 V DC
System map, 2010.
Website Stadtwerke Solingen (German)

The Solingen trolleybus system (German: Oberleitungsbussystem Solingen), also known locally as the Stangentaxi, serves the city of Solingen, in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

Opened on 19 June 1952, it is the largest of the three remaining trolleybus systems in Germany, and one of its lines extends into the neighbouring municipality of Wuppertal.

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Coordinates: 52°50′N 13°50′E / 52.833°N 13.833°E / 52.833; 13.833