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Trollsletta is located on the southern side of Jan Mayen

Trollsletta is a coastal plain on the North Arctic Ocean island of Jan Mayen. [1]

It is located on the eastern coast and southern side of the island (Sør-Jan). It is inside the southwestern part of the bay Rekvedbukta, between Båtvika and Helenesanden. Trollsletta has a length of about 1,400 meters. The coast consists of low and splintered cliffs.[2] Olonkinbyen is located at Trollsletta. The only settlement on Jan Mayen, Olonkinbyen consists of a weather station and the Norwegian Armed LORAN-C station.[3] [4]


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Coordinates: 70°55′17″N 8°42′56″W / 70.9215°N 8.7156°W / 70.9215; -8.7156