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Trolltinden (singular) or Trolltindane (plural) are the names of several summits or mountain ranges in Norway:

Innlandet county[edit]

Møre og Romsdal county[edit]

  • Trolltindane, a mountain ridge in Rauma, on the western side of Romsdalen valley, including:
    • Store Trolltind (1,788 m), near Troll Wall in Rauma, part of Trolltindane in Rauma
    • Trollveggen or Troll Wall in Rauma, a vertical rock face, part of Trolltindane
    • Trollryggen a summit and pillar in Trolltindane range
  • Trolltindane (890 m), mountains along the border of the municipalities Eide and Fræna
  • Trolltinden (Møre og Romsdal) (1,170 m), also called Brustinden, in Vestnes

Nordland county[edit]