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LG Tromm FR4755NQ1Z

Tromm is the trade name for washers and dryers manufactured by LG Electronics. They are designed and often sold in pairs and have many functions, such as child lock, delayed wash timers, and multiple spin speed selection. All LG Tromm washers are front-loading and feature a direct drive motor which eliminates belt drive of the wash drum, a design which extends motor service life and allows LG to extend a seven-year warranty on the motor drive mechanism.

Among its many selling points are different color selections for the machines, such as blue and red finishes on their higher-end models. They spin very fast (up to 1350 rpm) so clothes dry faster when taken out from the washer. Some of the Tromm washers have a very large capacity (up to 4.0 cubic feet (110 L) IEC) for residential models. High-end LG washers feature SteamWash, a proprietary technology that does not immerse clothing in water and allows it to be quickly refreshed.