Trompe-l'oeil (album)

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Malajube trompe-l'oeil.JPG
Studio album by Malajube
Released February 7, 2006
Recorded October–December 2005
Genre Indie rock
Length 49:58
Label Dare to Care Records
Producer Ryan Battistuzzi
Malajube chronology
Le Compte complet
(2004)Le Compte complet2004
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3.5/5 stars[1]

Trompe-l'œil is the second album by the indie rock band Malajube, released in 2006 on Dare to Care Records. The album is inspired in part by medical themes; in the album's liner notes, each song is given a subtitle relating to some aspect of physical or mental health.

Critical reception[edit]

Unusual for a French language album from Quebec, the album received significant critical attention in both English Canada and the United States, including airplay on CBC Radio 3 and a favourable review on Pitchfork Media.[2]

The album was also shortlisted for the 2006 Polaris Music Prize. It was the first francophone album to be on that award's shortlist.

Music videos[edit]

They have released music videos for "Montréal -40°C", "Pâte Filo", "Le Crabe", "Ton Plat Favori", "Fille à plumes" and "Étienne D'Août".

Track listing[edit]

Thematic subtitles for each track in parentheses, per the liner notes

All lyrics written by Malajube, except where noted; all music composed by Malajube.

No. Title Lyrics Length
1. "Jus De Canneberges" Julien Mineau and Virginie Parr 0:58
2. "Montréal -40°C"   3:20
3. "Pâte Filo"   3:45
4. "Le Crabe" Julien Mineau, Thomas Augustin and Virginie Parr 4:43
5. "La Monogamie"   4:57
6. "Ton Plat Favori"   2:32
7. "La Russe" Loco Locass 1:45
8. "Fille à Plumes"   3:42
9. "Casse-Cou"   4:06
10. "Étienne D'Août"   5:27
11. "St-Fortunat"   3:46
12. "La Fin"   10:53
13. "Le Grand Galion (hidden track)"    

"Le Grand Galion" starts at 8:52 into "La Fin".

Étienne d'août single[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Étienne D'Août" (radio edit) 4:11
2. "M. Pupille" 3:59
3. "Fille à Plumes" (remix) 3:18
4. "Elton D'Août" (remix maman) 5:12
Total length: 16:40

Guest musicians[edit]

  • "Jus De Canneberges" - Ryan Battistuzzi on guitar, Catherine Lesaunier on cello and Martine Gaumond on violin
  • "Montréal -40°C" - Pierre Lapointe, Martin Pelland and Simon Proulx on vocals, Valérie Jodoin-Keaton on western concert flute and vocals, Ryan Battistuzzi on guitar and Joe des Breast on maracas
  • "Pâte Filo" - Ryan Battistuzzi on slide guitar, Catherine Lesaunier on cello and Martine Gaumond on violin
  • "Le Crabe" - Valérie Jodoin-Keaton on vocals
  • "La Monogamie" - Valérie Jodoin-Keaton and Virginie Parr on vocals and Ryan Battistuzzi on slide guitar
  • "Ton Plat Favori" - Valérie Jodoin-Keaton on vocals.
  • "La Russe" - Loco Locass on vocals.
  • "Casse-cou" - Valérie Jodoin-Keaton on western concert flute and vocals and Ryan Battistuzzi on guitar
  • "Étienne D'Août" - Catherine Lesaunier on cello and Martine Gaumond on violin

In popular culture[edit]

  • The song "Fille à plume" was used on EA Sports Rugby 08, and was used for a video compilation of the 2003 IRB Rugby World Cup.