Tromsø, Kaptein

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Tromsø, Kaptein
Tromsø-Kaptein .jpg
Studio album by Robyn Hitchcock
Released 2011
Genre Jangle pop
Label Hype City
Producer Paul Noble
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Tromsø, Kaptein
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Tromsø, Kaptein is the eighteenth studio album by Robyn Hitchcock, released and recorded on the Norwegian label Hype City Records in 2011. The album's title refers to the city of Tromsø in northern Norway.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Light Blue Afternoon"
  2. "Raining Twilight Coast"
  3. "Savannah"
  4. "Dismal City"
  5. "Old Man Weather"
  6. "Erasing Your Life"
  7. "August in Hammersmith"
  8. "Everything About You"
  9. "The Abyss"
  10. "Godnatt Oslo"