Tromsø Midnight Sun Marathon

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Coordinates: 69°38′44.1″N 19°0′51.8″E / 69.645583°N 19.014389°E / 69.645583; 19.014389

Tromsø Midnight Sun Marathon
LocationTromsø, Norway
Event typeRoad
Official siteMidnight Sun Marathon

Tromsø Midnight Sun Marathon is the northernmost Association of International Marathons and Distance Races certified marathon in the world. The Midnight Sun Marathon is hosted annually by the Norwegian city of Tromsø in June each year.

Temporary dwelling used by the Sami people of northern Scandinavia. It was used as a shelter during the midnight sun marathon.


The Midnight Sun Marathon first started in 1989 and has runners from most of the world, attracted by its special feature of running in the midnight sun. The race starts and finishes at the city centre. The runners are facing the Tromsø Bridge after 2 km; an uphill from 6 to 43 meters over sea level. After running about 20 km the runners recross the bridge, and return through the city centre. The field record of the marathon is 2:38:22 for women and 2:20:56 for men.[1][2]

Course records[edit]

  • Male: 2:20:56 - Knut Hegvold (Norway) 1996
  • Female: 2:38:22 - Brynhild Syntsnes (Norway) 2001

Past results[edit]

Key:   Course record

Edition Year Men's winner Time (h:m:s) Women's winner Time (h:m:s)
29th 2018  Ebrahim Abdulaziz (NOR) 2:23:00  Marianne Dønnem (NOR) 3:09:31
28th 2017  Frew Zenebe (ETH) 2:26:30  Nina Kreisherr (GER) 3:00:32
27th 2016  Matthew Sigei (KEN) 2:31:55  Leah Kusar (KEN) 2:59:35
26th 2015  Anthony Mugo (KEN) 2:26:15  Claire Grima (GBR) 2:49:07
25th 2014  Martin Kjäll-Ohlsson (NOR) 2:28:54  Maria Venås (NOR) 2:46:46
24th 2013  Kristoffer Österlund (SWE) 2:25:20  Josephine Ambjörnsson (SWE) 2:53:33
23rd 2012  Tomas Bereket (ERI) 2:29:37  Marthe Myhre (NOR) 2:45:13
22nd 2011  Jens-Kristian Berg (NOR) 2:34:17  Mari Brox (NOR) 2:58:01
21st 2010  David Kanyari (KEN) 2:28:42  Mari Brox (NOR) 2:59:17
20th 2009  Samwel Kiprotich (KEN) 2:31:20  Anne Hodne (NOR) 2:47:15
19th 2008  Samwel Kiprotich (KEN) 2:23:14  Mona Rydland (NOR) 3:17:51
18th 2007  David Kanyari (KEN) 2:36:19  Elena Babenko (UKR) 3:15:30
17th 2006  Jens-Kristian Berg (NOR) 2:43:12  Cinta Groos (NED) 3:18:20
16th 2005  Runar Höiom (SWE) 2:36:11  Sharon Broadwell (NOR) 2:54:45
15th 2004  Knut Aalien (NOR) 2:27:48  Sharon Broadwell (NOR) 2:59:55
14th 2003  Egil Skarpsno (NOR) 2:30:25  Kristin Thorkellsdottir (NOR) 3:22:42
13th 2002  Salvatore Calderone (ITA) 2:24:24  Trude Kvanli (NOR) 3:27:25
12th 2001  Tor-Erik Nyquist (NOR) 2:25:11  Brynhild Synstnes (NOR) 2:38:22
11th 2000  Gjermund Hanssen (NOR) 2:33:25  Ingvill Holden (NOR) 3:27:20
10th 1999  Tor-Erik Nyquist (NOR) 2:26:48  Gitte Karlshøj (DEN) 2:46:03

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