Diocese of Hålogaland

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Diocese of Hålogaland
Hålogaland bispedomme
85670 Tromsø domkirke kirkested.jpg
View of the Tromsø Cathedral
Country Norway
Territory Nordland, Finnmark,
Troms, and Svalbard
Denomination Church of Norway
Established 1804—1952
Cathedral Tromsø Cathedral
Bispedømmer i Norge.svg

Both dark gold and red color in North Norway

The Diocese of Hålogaland (Norwegian: Hålogaland bispedømme) was a diocese in the Church of Norway. The Diocese covered the Lutheran Church of Norway churches located within all of Northern Norway (including Nordland, Troms, Finnmark, and Svalbard). The diocese was headquartered in Tromsø at the Tromsø Cathedral.[1]


Originally, this area was a part of the great Diocese of Nidaros, which covered all of Norway from Romsdalen north. On 30 December 1803, the King of Norway named Peder Olivarius Bugge the "Bishop of Trondheim and Romsdal" and also named Mathias Bonsach Krogh the "Bishop of Nordland and Finnmark", thus essentially splitting the diocese into two. The new Bishop Krogh made Alstahaug Church the seat of his bishopric in the north, while Bishop Bugge stayed in Trondheim. The new diocese was formally declared on 14 June 1844. It was named Tromsø stift and it was to be seated at Tromsø. The new Tromsø Cathedral was completed in 1864. The name of the diocese was changed to Hålogaland bispedømme in 1918. In 1952, the Diocese of Hålogaland was split into two: the Diocese of Sør-Hålogaland (Nordland county) and the Diocese of Nord-Hålogaland (Troms, Finnmark, and Svalbard).


The bishops of Hålogaland until its dissolution in 1952:


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