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Tromsøya / Romssasuolu
Norway - Tromsøya.png
Tromsøya / Romssasuolu is located in Norway
Tromsøya / Romssasuolu
Tromsøya / Romssasuolu
Location Northern Norway
Coordinates 69°40′N 18°57′E / 69.667°N 18.950°E / 69.667; 18.950
Area 22 km2 (8.5 sq mi)
County Troms
Largest settlement Tromsø
Population 36,088 (2012)
Pop. density 1,583 /km2 (4,100 /sq mi)

Tromsøya (Northern Sami: Romssasuolu) is a small island in the Tromsøysundet strait between the mainland and Kvaløya island in Tromsø municipality, Troms county, Norway. It contains the city centre of Tromsø and several residential areas. The 22.8 square kilometres (8.8 sq mi) island has a population (2012) of 36,088, which gives the city a population density of 1,583 inhabitants per square kilometre (4,100/sq mi).[1]

Tromsø Airport is situated on the western side of the island. Prestvannet lake is located in the middle of the island and the lake and the area around it is now a nature reserve area. The island is connected to Tromsdalen on the mainland to the east by the Tromsø Bridge and Tromsøysund Tunnel and it is connected to the village of Kvaløysletta on Kvaløya island to the west by the Sandnessund Bridge.

The University of Tromsø, University Hospital of North Norway and Tromsø Museum are all located on the eastern part of the island.



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