Troms County Municipality

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Troms County Municipality
Troms fylkeskommune
Coat of arms of Troms County Municipality
Coat of arms
Location in Norway
Location in Norway
Country Norway
Administrative center Tromsø
 • County mayor Knut Werner Hansen
ISO 3166 code NO-19

Troms County Municipality (Norwegian: Troms fylkeskommune, Northern Sami: Romssa fylkkasuohkan) is the regional governing administration of Troms county in northern Norway. It has its administration in the city of Tromsø. It consists of a 37-member county council and a 5-member county cabinet.[1]

County government[edit]

Troms County Municipality administration building (2010)

The Troms county council (Norwegian: Fylkestinget) is made up of 37 representatives that are elected every four years. The council most recently elected for the 2011-2015 term. The council essentially acts as a Parliament or legislative body for the county. This council is led by a county mayor (Norwegian: Fylkesordfører), and the council elects 5 members to be in the county cabinet (Norwegian: Fylkesrådet) which carries out the executive functions of the county. The cabinet is led by Willy Ørnebakk.[2]

2011-2015 Council
Party: Representatives:
Labour Party 12
Conservative Party 9
Progress Party 6
Centre Party 3
Liberal Party 2
Socialist Left Party 2
Christian Democratic Party 1
Coastal Party 1
Red Party 1

County mayor[edit]

The county council is led by a county mayor, currently Knut Werner Hansen from the Labour Party. He is serving in this office for the 2011-2015 term. The deputy county mayor is Kristine Bertheussen Killie from the Conservative Party.

Previous Troms county mayors include


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